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GHR15 and HGH Questions


How long do I need to be on GHR15 to see results?

In the first few weeks you will notice your sleep comfort and energy levels improve, this is important because, our pituitary gland produces most of our growth hormones during periods of sleep. Maximum benefits start showing in about three months.

Do some people notice the benefits sooner than others?

Yes, usually, the higher your growth hormone levels are, the longer it takes to see a difference - the lower the growth hormone levels, the quicker you see results.

When do I take GHR15?

At night just before you go to bed. Preferrably 3 hours after your last meal.

Is it in pill form or a powder to mixed with a liquid?

GHR15 is available in both powder and capsule form. The price of powder and capsules is the same.

How often do I take GHR15?

Five days a week and skip two. Repeat cycle every week ... Five Days On - Two Off.

How many capsules do I take and how long does a bottle last?

Four capsules daily and there are 80 capsules in a bottle equal to about a month supply.

What are the difference and/or similarities of GHR-15 compared to DHEA?

DHEA, Progesterone, and the like are actual hormones. GHR-15 is a natural "hormone releaser", not a synthetic hormone, and is free of any reported side effects.

Will GHR-15 help me produce growth hormones?

Yes, GHR-15 will work with your body to help you produce your naturally.

What about Mad Cow Disease?

GHR-15 is safe. Only Pharmaceutical Grade form of the hypothalmus gland is used.

Is there a certain age you should be in order to start taking GHR-15?

The level of growth hormones in men and women start to decline around age 30. By age 36, that level is decreasing at a rapid pace and by the late 50's only a minor trace of HGH is being released. Young and old alike can testify to increased energy, muscle mass (body builders), weight loss, and looking and feeling better then they have in a long time.

Sports Therapy, will GHR-15 help my skills?

It will not, in of itself, increase your skill levels, but it will allow you to work longer and harder to develop those skills in your chosen physical activity. Increased resistance to sports and other physically related injuries: Another extremely important benefit for anyone that is physically active, is that as your levels of hgh increase, your bones and ligaments and tendons will be strengthened.

Will my sexual potentacy increase?

Yes, it is a very powerful aphrodisiac. HGH increases our libido. Sexuality and potency is even restored in older persons. As a mood elevator, most people find a youthful sense of wellness and zest for life restored.

How much weight can I lose?

Test subjects have lost up to 14.4% of their body fat and gained up to 8.8% in muscle mass over a six-month period. Of course these results are the best achieved, your results will probably be lower unless you also make life style changes as in the study group.

Why is so much importance put on HGH?

HGH is considered to be the body's master hormone, influencing all other hormones in the body.

Is How long have we known about HGH?

Original research on hgh was conducted over 50 years ago. Researchers and scientists have been studying HGH and its effects on the human body ever since. Due to modern technology and major medical breakthroughs, we are now seeing more emphasis on HGH, its effects on the body, and anti-aging.

What else causes lower HGH levels in our bodies besides aging?

Lack of REM or deep sleep reduces our bodies natural hgh levels. Within weeks you'll notice a deeper and better quality sleep with GHR-15. Remember when you where young and you woke up refreshed? With GHR-15 you'll enjoy that feeling again.

How does IGF-1 relate to the Human Growth Hormone released by GHR-15?

IGF-1 (also known as somatromedin C) is the most important growth factor that comes from the liver. It is IGF-1, rather than growth hormone itself, that is used as a measurement of how much hormone is being secreted by the body. If you wanted a measure to see if GHR15 was effective, you would get your IGF-1 levels tested before and after with a simple blood test.

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