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Customer Testimonials on GHR

GHR Testimonials

Read what others say about GHR. This is a sampling of of unsolicited email that I have received in the past. Originals on file.

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To the developers, distributors, users and should be users of ghr15

I am reminded of the crooner who was crooning to his beloved on the ways he loved her. Let me count the ways (As applied to ghr)

History - I am a 71 year old male. Heart attack 6 years ago. Three way bypass 5 years ago. Discovered diabetes 6 years ago. Prior to this I have been employed in a variety of endeavors that required high level of energy and sleep deprivation.

Energy- After heart surgery VANISHED

Sleep - Before heart surgery, deep and easily acquired after surgery an insomnia life style Stability Diminished

Enter GHR15 - First heard Dr. Johnson and ghr15 on radio and interest was perked when sleep benefits were described

Experience - Have used ghr for 2 months

Benefits -
  • Day one energy level began to improve
  • After second week sleep remarkable improvement
  • Eyesight before ghr15 when I would first awake my eyes would water fogging glasses on inside and would require about 15 minutes to get them dried and focused. Problem eliminated.
  • Night vision remarkable improvement.
  • Stability vastly improved.
  • Skin smoothing, brown spots disappearing. I have had skin problems ever since teen years, vast change for the better.

    Medications - Have been able to discontinue all medications except Insulin for blood sugar control and it is becoming more stable.

    WARNING - This ghr can be habit forming!! I am hooked and happy to be so!!

    Harold P.
    Riverside CA

    I greatly appreciate your customer serivce, competitive pricing and on going customer support through prompt e-mail responses. In this dog eat dog e-business/internet market these are rare benefits to reap as a customer.

    One of your satisfied ghr15 customers,

    Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to trying this. By the way, Anti-Aging GHR was the best price found on the web!! And obviously are very responsive.

    Thanks again!
    Mike Dahms
    Engagement Manager - NHC

    I was quite the skeptic when I initially checked into ghr15. Having suffered from thyroid disorder I was desperate and willing to try anything. I didn't expect to feel any difference for at least a month, I am only 39.

    Within 3 days the change in my general well being is just beyond words. Now after only 3 weeks, I don't yawn constantly. I laugh more. Feel refreshed in the mornings. After having suffered migraines on a weekly basis (usually twice a week) I have not had one. I am more patient with my five children. My energy level is up, considerably.

    This is just a phenomenal health care product and cannot imagine being without ghr. The quality of my life is more than I could have imagined a month ago, I expect it to get better.

    Thank you,
    Tammy Baker

    Hi there,

    It is me, Nancy Jean.

    I just love the ghr15 that I bought almost a month ago. I can't see any weight loss yet but my body feels stronger and better.

    Wanna hear something funny? I had to go to my doctor cause I slightly hurt my back. I showed him what I was taking and asked him if he had heard of Dr. Don Johnson, the one who does the report on how good this stuff is. My doctor, altho he is my age and cool, said the only Don Johnson he knows is the one on the TV shows. Ha ha I thought that was so cute.

    But anyway, I really love the stuff.

    Nancy Jean


    Hey! Found this site again... I thought I bookmarked it but didn't. Just when I was starting to almost-kinda-maybe see some results from using ghr15. Last time I linked to anti-aging hormone shop by mistake and ended up staying for the duration of my shopping experience. This time, I choose antiaging directly because of your service and people skills. That goes for the person who took my order, Tom.

    I'm looking foward to playing soccer this year in the +40 division. It's been about 9 years since I've been on a team. I have stayed in decent overall shape and I'm hoping the transition from ok shape to God will be easier because of your products. I'll keep your posted.

    I might send a picture of myself if all goes according to plan. If it looks like my head is pasted to a much younger body please disregard any doubts of a cut and paste job. Be polite, smile, and congratulate me. That is, if you want my business again.

    Have a great week and keep that wonderful laugh. By being who you are, it lets the rest of us know that we are dealing with someone who is alive and passionate for life and those who surround her.

    Thank you, not for today, but for tomorrow.


    I received the GHR-15 today at the post office. Thank you very much for your promptness in delivery. We are excited to see what this product will do to improve our health.

    I will keep you posted on any feedback. There is someone here locally that is advertising on the radio and selling ghr15 powder for $50 for a one month supply. There seems to be a very positive response to the radio ads. Perhaps we can offer them a little healthy competition in the future?

    Again, thank you for all your help. May God richly bless you in all that you do.

    In His Love,

    Hello Folks,

    Thanks for the lip balm you included with my last order. How did you know I sorely needed it?


    Hello ... I got my ghr!!! Thanks again.


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